The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Limited Edition Bottle & Cage 2021

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Limited Edition Bottle & Cage 2021


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 Barbados 40% 700ml

Always highly anticipated, the 2021 limited-edition bottling of The Kraken has been hauled up from the depths in a cage. It won’t hold the beast for long though…

Entitled “The Unknown Deep Bioluminescence”, this striking bottle was inspired by the otherworldly glow of the marine life that lives 4,000m below the waves. The black and blue bottle has a pearlescent shimmer and logos that glimmer with a watery luminosity. It comes tucked inside a sturdy diver’s cage, which seems to show the scratches of an encounter with something down there in the dark. Once again, it has been created to raise awareness of maritime conservation and the damage being done to the ocean by debris. The Kraken will donate £1 from every bottle sold to the eco-charity Project Aware: Dive Against Debris, a global movement that empowers scuba divers to remove debris from the seabed and to report on what they collect, as well as educating them on the impact this debris has. Dive Against Debris has supported 170,000 conservation actions in more than 182 countries worldwide, and they have removed more than one million pieces of debris, helping to fight plastic and pollution in our seas and keep them out of The Kraken’s watery home. All you have to do is release the Kraken from its cage.

Taking its name from the dreaded mythical sea monster, this premium quality dark spiced rum quite literally puts a beast in your belly. Powerful, rich, smooth and dark as cephalopod ink, its tentacles will soon envelope you. The Kraken brims with a delicious flavour medley suggestive of dried fruit, cinnamon, clove and vanilla. The bottle – based on an antique Victorian design – succeeds in making it just as visually appealing as it is to taste. A Caribbean blend with secret spices, it’s great to drink either on its own, combined with cola or as the base of punch style cocktails. The Kraken also recommend “The Perfect Storm”, a combination of Kraken Rum, ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime.

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